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Patent Background

From initial development and testing, through extensive field testing of several hulls, then nearly a year of searching through patents and existing hull designs, writing and submitting a patent application in early 2010, to receiving a patent has been a 5 year process.

Initial development took place in June to August of 2008. I started off attempting to apply the tunnels, stepped hulls, conventional sponsons and even trim tabs that have been used for many years on small craft, but no combination resulted in a small boat that didn't tend to run bow high.

Within a few weeks I had settled on most of the design aspects that turned out to be a unique solution to a variety of efficiency and control issues on small to moderate sized boats of many types.

The tunnel between the sponsons acts as a high pressure area to direct flow by the inner surfaces of the tail section. This results in a boat that will track well without any other longitudinal control surfaces, such as chines, strakes, or even a keel!

By extending the lower hull surfaces to the end of the sponsons, the initial planing speed is reduced and the time to achieve a plane is reduced.

It's like an STOL system for the water.

This development can be used on most hull shapes, including rounded or flat bottom hulls. Since no other longitudinal control devices are necessary, nor are other drag inducing devices, such as trim tabs, a more efficient hull can be constructed using this development. And by keeping to boat level at all speeds, lighter weight hull can be constructed without losing control. This can also allow a larger cargo capacity.

The patent covers applications to a wide variety of boats, from Jon type boats and Bay boat type hulls, or skiffs, modified kayak and canoe hulls, modified Boston Whaler types, and even speedboats and utility type hulls.

Details and design development are available.

Licensing rights are available for this patent.

Also note that violators will be prosecuted.

First page of patent US 8,459,198

Entire patent is 17 pages and is available as a pdf file.


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